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Building Green

Environmental "Green Design", although a new term in the industry, is the color of the future. At One Stop Home Improvement Inc. & Design Odyssey, green design results in high-quality work space in environmentally friendly buildings and marketplace demands for high-quality work that is healthier, safer and save money through energy , thus improving worker productivity. 

 We are committed to providing exceptional design, outstanding personal service, value engineering and client satisfaction

Our goal is to provide personalized architectural services to meet the specific needs of our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. We accomplish this by providing creative and functional designs, experienced project management, open communication and consultation with our clients, accessible principals, and a dedicated, skilled staff. Our design approach respects the integrity of both the built and natural contexts that make every building site unique. The partnership brings to each project not only a thorough knowledge and understanding of architectural precedent, but fresh and inventive design solutions that are both appropriate to a projects context and responsive to the individual clients needs and aspirations in all its details.
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